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Chundria Brownlow Media is currently seeking amazingly talented actors and actresses to join our community for our upcoming web series, Headshot Party. Nonunion - Filming in Chicago | Sept. 24-25, 2022. | Paid Opp.

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A TV Series: A young woman navigates a new business event and a 

tough decision in her dating life with the help of her friends.



Aubrey Daniels (Lead, Female 25-34): An amateur photographer that turned a pandemic hobby into a new business. She is usually unsure of herself when it comes to love, life and career and relies heavily on her friend AJ to see her through.

Aaron 'AJ' Carrolton (Lead, Male 25-34): Aubrey’s funny, sarcastic, outspoken, larger-than-life friend who has always been there for her. He is direct, honest and charming.

London Lewis (Lead, Female 22-30): Aubrey's model friend earns money through creative projects like modeling, painting, photography, and jewelry-making.

Alex Daniels (Male or Female, 23-27): Aubrey's intelligent, witty younger sibling in their final year of law school in Washington, D.C.

William Clark (Male, 25-34): Aubrey's easygoing, adventurous boyfriend is a ladies' man and sweet talker.

Izzy Jane (Female, 25-34): William's friend and up-and-coming fashion designer.

(Monroe Walters): William's longtime friend and up-and-coming music producer.

Diane Murphy (Female, 35-42): Sharp, sophisticated high-powered businesswoman, and owner of Vincent-Murphy Realty Group.

Natasha Vincent (Female, 35-42): Sharp, sophisticated high-powered businesswoman and co-owner of Vincent-Murphy Realty Group.