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Push To Greatness

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A stubborn and egotistical stage director named William Alexander Barrett IV  has a burning desire to bring his autobiographical story to life on the theater stage. His unwavering belief in his own greatness leads him to assemble a diverse cast of actors, each with their unique talents and artistic visions.


The short film follows as rehearsals begin, and it becomes increasingly clear that William’'s approach to directing is anything but conventional. He imposes his unreasonable demands and unrealistic expectations on the cast, pushing them to their limits and causing tension to rise among the actors. As William embarks on a journey of self-discovery, exploring the depths of the cast’s talents and the power of collaboration, will he  learn a critical lesson that true greatness cannot be forced but must emerge organically from within?


Push To Greatness is a poignant and humorous exploration of the creative process, the clash between artistic vision and personal ego, and the transformative power of collaboration. This short film takes the audience on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, ultimately revealing the vulnerability and humanity behind the facade of a demanding and unreasonable director. Will William Alexander Barrett IV autobiography come to life in a way he never expected, or will his delusions of grandeur be his downfall?

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